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My buddy and I are going to the Merritt - Kamloops areas to fish a few of the many lake up there later this week. He has been there several times, not I. My buddy knows some basic flies that work up there, anyone have any suggestions? I heard the travelling sedge hatch may possibly still be happening. I am not a big chrono fan, but will give in to catch any Kamloops trout. All suggestions and fly photos will be welcome

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Ive been up there lots of times. You may be to late for the Sedges but Careys work well all the time. Leeches, Blk and Red. Of course, Chronies. BIG dragon fly nymphs will usually scare up some toads. Water Boatman are my favorite thing to fish up there but you ll be a bit early, though i always tend to pick up a few on a boatman no matter what time of year.
its getting later in the year now so the fish might be moving deeper, the lakes i fish are a ways north of kamloops at 3000' and usually by the second week of july they have moved deep but still get up into the shallows early and late for feeding. I would plan on fishing chrono's, damselflie nymphs, leech and minnow patterns, with the later two being primarily but not exclusively used in the deeper water. When i say deep i mean anything over 30', we usually find them suspended in 35-60 feet of water this time of year.


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water boatman, micro leeches, chronies, snail patterns , small clousers

most consistent for me 25 to 35 deep typically in July or deeper. bring a good depth finder.


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In addition to the other suggestions, don't forget about taking your damselfly nymph, scud and callibaetis nymph patterns. Also, the Travelling Sedge hatch continues on, but usually at dusk for about 30 minutes, so be sure to fish until dark (take your headlamp). After the dusk sedge hatch ends, switch over to leech patterns as the leeches come out after dark.

There are some higher elevation lakes that fish well into summer, so you might start there. You could go up there every year for the rest of your life and not hit all the lakes in that region.

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