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i ordered a reel off ebay and it spins grate and feels like a nice solid reels but i was just wondering if anyone els knows about a chi tian reel


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If it spins "grate" I would be worried. Great on the other hand...
Not to be a spelling nazi, but grate, like in cheese grater, does not mean the same as great, as in quality reel.

Jim Darden

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Hey...I've got a number of "no name" long as they do the job, be happy! I remember a time when all the Christmas Island guides wanted to know what kind of reel I was using because it was so much better. The Abel guys were puking over my $100 bargain......

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I am on ebay all the time and there is always some reels on there that you will never hear of, but I agree with Jim if you like it and it works then be happy you got it for a cheap price. And unless you are going after big fish 20"+ Then all the reel does is hold the line its not like they are going to run you into the backing. Unless you catch a 17 on a 3 wt.

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