question about adjusting knob in Nor-Vise


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Hi all,

A question about the adjusting knob on top of the new Nor-Vise.

I had an old style nor-vise (without top adjusting knob), I am thinking to buy a new one. I wondering if the additional adjusting knob is a good feature to have? Is the rotary pressure smooth and easy to use?




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I use the "rotary tension screw" to supplement the hub's predetermined 90° stops. I find it does come in handy on occasion. I suppose the feature is even more useful if you rotate the rear hub to turn the jaws in a manner similar to other rotary vises. Since I'm usually either spinning the vise or tying with the hubs locked, I leave the tension screw disengaged 99% of the time. If you want to slow the rate of free spin, I think you'll find the tension screw useless. IMO, any contact between the screw and the arbor obstructs the spinning function and turns the Norvise into a standard rotary. Regardless, it's a nice feature to have that doesn't get in the way, doesn't require maintenance, and should never wear out. Also, it's required if you want to use the Nor gallows tool.

Bill, I believe Norm can modify the upright on your current vise to accept the tension screw.


Jeff Dodd

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I use the tension screw but on my vise it also is nearly an on or off knob. When ON, you can easily slow the rotation of the vise and then stop at any point and the vice will stay in that position.

If Norm could add this tension knob to your vise, I would recommend it, but not sure it is used enough to justify the cost of a new vise.



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For me it's only value is that it allows the use of the gallows rig. I find the 90 degree stops quite adequate for fixed position work. I want the vice rotating freely, so I never use it to adjust tension.

But I tied on a Thompson model A for about 50 years, so I'm pretty pleased with any vise that holds a hook as well as it for me the Norvise is sheer luxury.


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Great information! Guys!!

Really appreciated it! I just ordered one from RedShed...
Will report back how it goes...



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