Medford, OR - Guide?


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Row of boats, traveling too close. Made a miscalculation, missed two oar strokes and pinned sideways on a very large tree that was right on the water line. Worked the one unpinned oar and slowly moved forward sliding along that tree. Rob's rod did break due to a protruding branch and Jeff tossed me a line. When he pulled, we came off easily because the water had pushed us forward and out of the most troublesome spot.

I'm sure you've never had an on the water mishap or near mishap...except for those broken oars, right?

Oh man I've had plenty of them - just trying to learn. Here' a video... where did you lose it?

Looks like that big pyramid rock at the end would be a bad one...

Ed Call

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Fortunately I did not get pinned under. I got pinned alongside. My trouble was not in the video, it was in a very narrow area above the canyon proper. Large woody debris pile river right with most water pushing into the pile. Jeff was concerned the hydraulics would suck us down. The flows were ideal for holding us in place while we slid forward. Lucky. It was my very first day rowi g my 14' cataraft, and my very first trip down the oxbow stretch. As for the oxbow itself, two more veteran rowers than I decided we would line down midway, then float the lower most portion. I followed their lead. The flows were low that day, so there was a lot of rock exposed and skinny gaps leading to the big wave at the bottom.


I hope she likes whitefish
Although, there's probably a bigger chance of getting raped by a meth head in the rivers I float than falling victim to the dreaded sieve-like obstacles.


I hope she likes whitefish
Why you always gotta make fun of my teeth man? You know how self conscience I am.

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