Your favorite rod.


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Emotionally my favorite is an 8’6” 5wt Orvis Clearwater. My first rod that did everything when I got started. I don’t fish it much anymore but I seriously love that setup.

My favorite to use rod right now is a 10’ 6wt sage one with a fighting butt. I fish a good deal of big water, with heavy rigs and healthy fish. This one is perfect

Stew McLeod

aka BigMac
Looking at my response from a few years back, that rod (St Croix Avid) is still amongst my favorites, even though I've added several rods to my quiver. My Sage LL 379 has become the gem for me though, love the feel of that thing.

Old Man

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My best fly rod is my GL3 9' 5wt. Was my first expensive rod and one of the best I ever have.

Nick Clayton

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The Sector is a hard rod to find right now, at least in a six weight. I tried to buy one a little while back and everywhere I looked was sold out

David Loy

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Salt guys (like Nick here) typically like very fast rods, for wind, and usually 6wts if fishing Puget Sound. Inland guys are naturally most passionate fishing rivers and streams, often with 3 to 5wts or spey. Most rivers in Western Washington harbor anadromus fish, and are often closed to all species to protect the salmon and steelhead. And, the rivers in Western Washington aren’t as bug friendly as inland streams. As a Western Washington guy I end up splitting time between the Sound (SW), lakes, mountain streams when available, and the occasional trip East to “low hole” the locals ;-). Crying in my beer I know, but I think it’s tougher to pick a single favorite rod when you need a wider spectrum to cover the bases.

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