Your favorite rod.

Jim Darden

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Well, I have 4 rods that "speak to me".....a 7 1/2 ft. fenwick fiberglass that I built for about $12, a 6/7 wt HT graphite diamond series (I have 6 of them), two early Jim Green design HMG fenwick in 9 ft 8 wt, and a Winston 13-3" biix two handed rod. The price varies by a factor of ten but price has nothing to do with performance or your style. I have others in other weights that vie for a place but these stand out.


if it's not this, then what?
I had a custom built Sage 9' 5wt RPL back in 1988, although I don't use it all of the time, having it brings back many memories. Other than that, my favorite fly rod truely is the one I happen to be casting with


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Like Jeremy said, the rod in my hand. Daniel, I know I could figure this out, but on the spur of the moment, I don't know how many 5 wt fly rods I have, but they include fiberglass, graphite, and bamboo. They're all good, but some are way better than others. My first fly rod seems to have disappeared; that is, I have no idea where it is or what happened to it. It was an 8 1/2' Eagle Claw fiberglass 7 wt that I caught a lot of trout and more than a few steelhead on, but I wouldn't walk across the street to cast it now if I knew where it was. All I know for sure is that rod collecting improves my collection far more than it improves my fishing ability. One old fiberglass rod has landed more steelhead than all my other steelhead fly rods combined, and I don't even particularly like that old rod any more.


Jim Speaker

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It is still my 6 1/2' 2-weight Orvis 1-ounce (since renamed superfine). Sage 3100 click with sage quiet taper line.

Largest fish landed, 20" brown on secret spring creek. Largest fish lost, that same 26" brown that graced the cover of Fly Fisherman (yeah, I have confirmation it was the one).

Handles big guys flexing to the butt, makes little guys loads of fun.

Shaun Martin

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At this point, gotta say it's my 7' LL Bean fiberglass rod on a Lamiglas honey blank built by Bill Franke's Timberline Rod Co. Casts a 5wt line like a dream. Smooth, mid-full flex that can drop a fly on a dime! Love this rod.

Kyle Smith

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I love my Scott SES 9' 5wt. It can feel like a 4wt, 5wt, or 6wt, depending on the flies I use and my casting rhythm. I used it for tricos last year, and didn't miss a bit of the delicacy of my 4wt. In the spring, I used it to lob big streamers on the Clark Fork without breaking a sweat. It's not the best rod for casts over 70 feet, and I wouldn't take it up a tiny creek, but it's the most versatile rod I've ever used. And it looks like a better Winston. Bought it on WFF classifieds...

David Loy

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... The rod that you can not live without...
There is no rod I can't live without. As long as I have regular meals, a warm place to poop, and the interwebs, I'm good.

As for rods I covet, I've been aiming at a spectrum for the last few years. I have maybe a dozen rods I could live without, but there are 3 that cover my normal spectrum. A Steffen glass 4wt (courtesy of Ed), a Winston 5wt WT, and a Sage 697 XP cover 95% of my needs. A close 4th would be a Sage 896 RPL, the ubiquitous Steelhead rod. Just love the way that hucks line and fishes (as true with the others). I just don't Steelhead much anymore.
But with only the 4, 5 and 6, I could be very happy. They compliment each other. If I HAD to pare it down to one it would be the WT, but that would just start the Saga all over again.

zen leecher aka bill w

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My favorite is a Sage 490 LL rod as it's nice and smooth and a joy to cast. Having said that I've bought many rods since that Sage. Latest is a 3/4 switch rod for trout.

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