Your favorite rod.


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I'm kind of stuck on older rods. A few I fish all the time and they are likely the first to come out of the tubes.
A few of my favorites.
Sage 490-4 RPL
Loomis 1086-4 GLX
Loomis 1146-2 IM6
Redington 9664S CPS
Sage 697-4 XP
As you can see, I have a thing for 6 I broke my 6 wt addiction and bought a old school 796 RPL+ yesterday.


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I don't have much overlap in my rods so what I end up using comes down to the kind of fishing I'm doing instead of choosing a favorite.

Brian Thomas

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I`m not 100% sure it`s my favorite , but it`s the most versatile , and unique rod I own , as it`s two rods in one .
What "it" is , is a Gary Anderson rod that is a 12 foot 3 weight spey rod , and with an extra butt section , becomes a 9 foot 4 weight single hander .
I really like it in either configuration , but I prefer setting it up as a double-hander .

Thomas Williams

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That's a tough one, I've got a few I really enjoy. But I think my favorite rod is my 5wt Beulah Platinum trout spey. It's responsive, powerful and a 12in trout will put a bend in it and fight real nice. It really is a true trout spey. I have a lot of fun bombing sculpins on it. I've put it to the test as well with a few bows and browns over 5lbs from the Truckee river.

David Loy

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Sage XP 9' 5 wt
If you were to sniff around the Sexyloops web site you'd find a lot of casting geeks who love that rod. Many of which can throw the backing knot and more. It's a good site if you like the science of casting.


Sage LL, 490. In another thread I said I would have my wife cremate it with me when the time comes because no one will ever love it as much. It is 25 years old and has great mojo. They just don't make them like that anymore. Often imitated but never equalled.
Ditto, but then I have to throw in my BIIX rods as well. Then there's my 7' 4wt 'Sport Fisher', that I got on a closeout sale for $22.50 - love that rod.

Matthew LeBret

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For trout as of late I like to use my blue halo fiberglass, great slow action. I was lucky enough to get a Sage gen III blank so when that is done and steelhead starts I am sure I will put that as my favorite for that was the rod that started my 2 handed casting......Full circle kind of thing.


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I suppose my favorite rod is my 10ft. 7 weight Sage ONE paired with a blue Tibor Signature 7/8 I use for streamer fishing. Its a sweet setup and we've had some very memorable times together. I have another ONE a 9ft. 4 weight paired with a Ross F1 I use for almost all my trout fishing that is a close second.

I have a couple of those Cabelas Glass Rods I really, really like. the 5'9" 3 weight as others have mentioned are a great small stream stick.


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probably Orvis 7 piece 3 wt TLS rod, it is a fun rod-wish they still made them-way nicer than the newer frequent flier
also have an older Fenwick 7 1/3 3 weight..built it myself and can't recall the blank-1985-ish

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