Your favorite rod.

Brian Thomas

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Hands down my favourite for the past few years has been a 3 wt Avid St Croix I picked up from Mingo.

Love the feel of that baby and it has landed me many, many fish. Been lost in the Cedar only to be found again the next morning ... great karma.

That being said, the new Sage 379 LL I picked up over the winter is fast coming my new favourite, but it has yet to establish any significant karma with/for me. Will probably come with my soon-to-be trip to the Elk river in BC.

I have the 7'9'' Avid , and really enjoy using it .

David Loy

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I've already commited my favorites but after reading Randall's post above (#72) regarding his 6wt Steffen (a rod I'd like to try), it's hard not to also include my old Fenwick FF806. I have comparatively very low dollars into this rod, 2 Pfleugars (one inherited) and Cortland DTF and WFI lines. It'll huck line with the best of them, I can leave it in the car with practically no risk and fish it most anywhere, salt or no. Probably closest to a one size fits all rod ever made. What's not to like.


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Well.....hate to admit it. But besides the Radian 6 with FB I still think the XP holds up. 691-4. She’s still a keeper, but probably cave in and get Radian.

Bob Rankin

I have 4

Sage RPL 9,6” 7wt
Sage XP 10’ 5wt
Sage XP 9’. 6wt with fighting butt
Burkhiemer 7133-3 vintage

Those are my baby’s!


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For the past couple of seasons, most of the time I take an 8 foot, 2/2 6wt Winston bamboo rod (Glen Brackett era). Started with bamboo long ago when a youngster, spent lots of time with fiberglass, then graphite, and still have several Sage LLs and Winston IM6 and WTs. Am fishing bamboo more now than ever before in my adult life. The rod loads and fishes well, with enough "backbone" for the larger fish. Oh yeah, and it looks good too.


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Depends on conditions and where I'm fishing. This year it has been livingston traditional graphite 9' 6wt, kenney 8'8 4wt, original glx 9' 6wt, original glx 9' 7wt.

For steelhead, depending on conditions any of the singlehand scott arcs (6 thru 9).
My Hardy Proaxis 6wt is my favorite rod I’ve owned. I use it for chucking streamers for trout, src beach fishing, rock bass in MA4 or MA5, poppers for bass, pinks, occasionally hooked smaller lingcod, carp, chums, and coho on it. Been a great all around rod.

My old favorite rod was the Sage RPL 8wt I sold to my brother in law for dirt cheap. He fishes it a lot and loves it. I get jealous whenever we fish together that he has it now.


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Wow, blast from the past....

for trout, this still holds true...damn, I love that rod. Unfortunately, I don't fish for trout nearly as much as I used to (unless I need a numbers day).

Hands down, the one that really "speaks" to me is my Steffen 8' 6wt....and has been for the last 8 years. It'll throw anything I need for trout or smallies, makes small fish feel big, has nice reserve backbone to deal with larger fish, casts like a dream...what's not to like?

For steelhead, I used to stick with My Steffen 7/8 SH rod, but I recently picked up a Seele 8'8" 8wt that is just bomber, so that'll be getting a bit more play than anything else this winter.

For Tigers, I really love throwing my Epic Bandit 7'9" 10wt, but I AM a touch limited with the size flies I can throw with it (it'll throw most 8-9" singles pretty easily), then there's my most used rod for that, my TFO Mini Mag, which is actually pretty sweet for the type of fishing I do but day in and day out, my favorite for that fishery has gotta be my Seele 8'2" Salz Pro 12wt that'll throw anything and everything and tame every single fish I'd encounter out there...buuut, it's also a BEAST that sucks to throw all day (my TFO feels like a trout rod by comparison). The kicker is once hooked up....words can't explain it.


Rob Allen

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Oh wow, talk about an impossible question to answer, i have deep and personal attachments to so many..
I'd have to say any of the 3 piece and early 4 piece Burkheimers they were rods that Kerry and i designed together, that is to say rods that Kerry designed and and where my input were important during the evaluation.
Later on there were more people giving input but those early ones were pretty much just Kerry and me. Mostly Kerry. Ohh and i can't forget Jim Seaman of mill creek custom rods he had imput too.

Ok i have decided... the 489-3

I'll change my mind in about 2 minutes.

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