Good SRC day in MA13 (for me)


Topwater and tying.
Hit the incoming about an hour after low slack. Lots (WAY lots!) of salad for the first hour. Stood there waiting for gaps before casting but still wound up with a green fly on almost every retrieve. Water was really moving.

Once it mostly cleared up I started getting an occasional tap or follow. Then it finally got interesting! First I landed a 12" SRC, then an unidentified smolt. I was more interested in getting him off safely than identification. After that another hookup with LDR, then I landed another 11" SRC and a 7 incher. To finish things up I landed a feisty little 6" sculpin! A way better day then I usually have!

The first several takes were on Roger's (I think) sequin slider until it broke, then I tied on a salmon pink marabou clouser. The slider really darts around, even in fast current. When stripped REALLY fast it acts like a popper. That pink clouser really seemed to get a reaction fast when I had to switch to it.

Only saw one rezzie jumper while I was there, but it looked fair sized.
Nice Work Dennis! Sounds like a quality outing! I had a similar one yesterday just north of you in MA 9 with tons of salad hanging on everything :)
Keep em coming!


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Nice job getting into some cutts.

You're correct regarding the tides. We've been having a series of minus tides followed immediately by some pretty big high tides.
I've always found that those 11-13' tide swings can produce some rather large salad events.