SF Snoqualmie report

My dad and I hit the river today a little below Twin Falls Park around 12 and fished for about 4 hours. It was a beautiful day to be on the river, and we both managed to pull out a few nice fish! They were taking whatever we would throw at them: Purple Haze, Rubber legged stimulator, Pat's Stone, you name it, they'd take it! It really was an awesome day, and I really enjoyed it! My normal trip consists of botching a few knots, falling in, setting the hook too slowly IF I convince a fish to rise, then usually falling in again on my way back to the car once I get discouraged; so to bring in 5 nice looking fish in a day is much more like it, in my book! Get out there guys, a competent fisherman could have landed a dozen at least today! :)

I try and keep my fish in the water, but what can I say, after such a long dry-spell I was so excited I just had to get a picture. All fish today were released unharmed and took off like torpedoes.


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