How do you tie a humpy


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Anyone have any secrets on tying a humpy? I tie in the tail, then tie the hump/wing in, tips facing over the tail. I tie in a piece of floss which I then wrap up to 2/3 of the hook shank. I pull the hump over, stand up the wing, figure 8 them, tie in the hackle and end up with an ugly looking wierd thing that I can never imagine fishing. Anyone have any tips to offer?


Try starting with the wing first. Tie it in, then cut the excess at an angle. Then tie in the tail. Wrap the thread up to the tag end of the wing and then back again to the tail, forming the underbody. Tie in the floss and wrap it up the body, then use the tag end of the tail to form the hump. Tie in the hackle, wrap and you're done.:thumb

I'm sure there are other methods, but this one works for me.

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It pays to buy all of those fly fishing magazines that are out there. I have one somewhere in all of the mag's that I have and it shows a simple way to do it. I know because I'm the worlds worst tier and I did one. So in my spare time I will try to find it and let you know also.


Edit: If you have access to the magazine called "Fly Tyer" issue of Autumn 2000 it shows you two ways to tie a humpy. But if you really want to know that the way you listed is one of the ways that it is shown. Too bad I don't have a scanner as I could send the info to you.



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Thanks for the advice, both of you. In the method that I described first, it is simply hard to manage the wing, extending over the tail and pulling it all together at the end, e.g. standing the wing up, tying down the hump, then tying in the hackle.

The other method described was certainly easier, however, it's difficult to manage the buts which ultimately become the shell back while wrapping the floss, and the wing is then in the way when trying to tie the hump down.

I'm going to have to keep at the drawing board and find a way to do these that don't take a half an hour per fly.

Thanks all.

I tie a Goofus Bug instead of a Hummpy (same thing with no wing) Try using stiff moose hump hairs as the tail. I make sure I pull all of my deer hair up and keep it on top and not rolling on the hook to cover the bottom of the floss body, then tie in a hackle with no wing. As far as I can tell the wing is for the guy fishing the fly and not the fish as both flies look the same from the bottom where the fish see them.
My dad makes a foam-backed version that is easier to tie. The hump is foam and the wing is eliminated. This thing floats great and, unlike a typical humpy, the back doesn't break after a few fish. I've used this version quite successfully in the streams of Northern and Central Idaho.

Take a look at this newsletter from the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club for instructions:

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Ah, the humpy.... When i started tying it haunted me to no end. Anyways, after 2 years of trying, i did my first good one at age 12, and ran to show my mom, she didnt seem to share the exictment i felt, but anyways, there not that hard to tie if u pratice a little. Tie in the wing first, then everything else, it will help clutter alot. Ok, so u have the wing,tail,floss,and hump back done, now for the hackle. It is hard to get it to look right because u have all this build up towards the back of the wing, and none in front. Once you tie more, that will go away, but for now, i would tie in some green dubbing, and wrap it from the back of the wing to the front. This will help anchor the hackle when wrapping, and even out the bulk of the fly so the hackle doesnt slope one way or another. Just keep at it, and soon u will find that the humpy aint got nothen' on u.

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