First Salmon of the Season!

LDR'd, unfortunately.

But it was damn fun to have one on, feel that familiar thump as you're stripping in line, and frantically try to clear line as it takes it's first run.

Sort of hunkered down after the initial run and led me back and forth for a few minutes before becoming unbuttoned very unceremoniously right near shore. Pretty sure it was a pink--which was a first for me.

Felt good!

Nice to hear. I've been out twice and have only had few bites. Can you give us a general location? I don't want you to give up you secret spot just wondering where they starting to show up.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Yeah, if I can get away from all the chores I'm thinkin' of trying Pt. Wilson, PNP or Marrowstone sometime next week just to see what's there!

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