Baitfish Materials...What to use?

Clouser.JPG I am trying Hareline's Baitfish Emulator Flash this year. Found it late last year, but it makes a nice sparse Clouser with flash in it, and its super easy to use. It comes on a long strand with fibers about 3-4" long so you can just cut off a chunk for the top and a chunk for the bottom. Pics are of hot pink/fuschia (front) and fuschia/chartruse clousers. The pearl baitfish is another great color. The way its strung you can also wrap it around the hook shank if you want your fly to be more full bodied.


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Recently I've had really good luck on the water with Marabou clousers (shrimp pink). Can't tie them as large but SRCs, Cohoes and Pinks didn't seem to mind.


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Pikerman....????? I just think bucktail ties in too bulky and tends to spin like deerhair. I was told its poor material I bought and I believe that's correct but I still dislike bucktail. I'm gonna try some of the other materials you mentioned.

use the hair from the tips it spins less
Another +1 for arctic fox. White body hair for soft bellies and tail in various colors for back. Mix some flashabou or crystal flash just above belly hair to give it sparkle.

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