Am I wasting my time? Last minute pointers?

I had my earliest wake up today as well.

Saw one fish--what looked to be about a 5-7 pound silver (maybe, was a couple of quick jumps)--jump within casting distance. I scooted over to the area I saw it jump, but found nothing.

Oh well. I'm flipping tired right now though. Gonna be hard to get through these last couple hours of work.

MA13 salmon continue to be a pipe dream the last few days, buy I do usually get one SRC 14-16'er each morning along with a mess of little guys.

Tides tomorrow too high too early for a 5-630am session? What does everyone think?


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
If you are really intent of catching a salmon, MA 13 is far from your best option right now.
You should be fishing MA 9 or 10. Not that you can't catch salmon down south, but you'll be increasing your odds greatly the farther north you fish.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Please don't take this wrong, but you're making your quest for a salmon much more difficult then it needs to be.
Don't over think things. Fish the same flies you hooked fish on last year and add some pink patterns to the mix.
Good luck and I hope you hook up,


Just call me Jon
Wise words from the master. I caught my pink with the same chartreuse/pink clouser I was using last year. So far just a bunch of cutts in MA 10 but we're getting close. Any day now, and I plan on being there.

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