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Here here! A special investigator should be appointed.
First we need to form a special comittee, then hire a independent study group to do a site wide search for potential candidates and have them report back to the special comittee. Maybe the comitee could budget some nice art pieces for the office of this new position too :p
Well, not counting the hacker Shawn W I see you are #10 JIM WALLACE - but not by much... better hurry up and post some replies here before you are relegated to the steerage with all us slackers peering up at the elite 10. :D

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I've been on this site since almost day one. At one time it was all lumped together as one forum. I felt that I had to answer all the questions. which I tried to do. Over the years more forums split off from the original one. I don't even visit some of them any more. I quit tying flies and I don't Steelhead any more. I don't fish for warm water fish. Strictly a trout Fly Fisherman I tried the Spey thing once but didn't like it, so I gave it up. It's not hard to run up a post count this way.

My arm is feeling better. I'm typing better. I'm gonna have to go fire up my truck and get back out there soon. Left hand is still a little stiff.


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Looking at all this new advertising on the site...... Seems they owe all their success to you!
Need to have an OMG tribute or something


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Whoops sorry OMJ... I should have it right by now. I've only seen 80 million of your posts. Maybe I was thinking "old man gym ":)

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