Cushy Montana Destinations?

Brian White

Recovering Bugmeister
aha - i guess i ignore the part where he wanted to be somewhat cost conscious. For what it is worth, i've fished that property (it is one of those "know somebody who knows somebody" things).........not bad.........
I've been there a few times over the past couple of years. I think you might be surprised how little it has changed since you were there last. The fisherman cabins may be fairly recent, but the main lodge is still like it was when I first was there 20 years.

Chico Hot Springs. Boy, that brings back memories. I haven't been there in nearly 40 years. I used to stop there for a meal and a soak after Yellowstone trips. I'm sure it has changed a lot in that time.
An impending delivery is threatening my annual Montana trip with my wife. We are expecting a baby girl in November and I'm afraid the September stream-side tent set-up might not cut it this year. Does anybody have a recommendation for a Lodge or B&B type destination that won't prohibit starting a college fund??
Second the Stonefly Inn. More fishing than cushy but the guys are great.