Pattern Jack Practitioner

I have always loved the GP and it has always produced like crazy. The two problems I had with it were: 1-it takes too long to tie and 2-too many short strikes.

This pattern solves those problems as you can bang one out in about 2 minutes and the trailer hook setup eliminates any short bite problems. Because it is tied on a 15mm Waddington Shank it it as easy to cast as any hook.

The Jack Practitioner by Jack Cook

Hook – Owner SSW 4-2/0
Waddington Double Shank – 15mm
Thread – GBP Black
Hook Attachment – 20# Fireline secured to shank
Feelers – 5-10 strands Yak hair and 4-6trands Black Rhea on each of 4 sides of the shank
Eyes – 3mm black bead on 25# mono allowed ½” beyond the shank
Shell #1 – Red Golden Pheasant Flank
Body – Steelhead Anglers Glimmer Body
Shell #2 – Red Golden Pheasant Flank

Pick the colrs that work for you. The photo is Red/Orange Yak and Rhea with Coral Glimmer Body.

Have Fun!

Dry Flies catch Steelhead!

They look pretty much the same to me.
PC seems to be a bit more expensive, $2.95-$3.25.
I get mine from a different manufacturer for sure because the colors are different.

If you want some please email me and I will put together a sample of some colors for you.

Dry Flies catch Steelhead!

They are available to all my dealers but they are so new not many are out there. For the best selection email me or go to The good news is that the pattern is so inexpensive. $31 for the kit and you will have Rhea and Yak left over.

If you would like a special kit to do 5 of one color and 5 of another I can do something for you also. Please let me know how to be of service.

Dry Flies catch Steelhead!

Geeez, I still can't figure out how detailed you guys' pictures are. I have a 3.4m camera and tried everything lighting technique and still can't get the clarity and detail, ie; above pic. HELP!

Peter ><>

Mark 12:30-31
I start by using Nikon. Although I get nothing for saying it they have always had the best optics. This is even more important in digital work.

The camera is 3.4mp and is set to max resolution, I think 2400x2400 which makes a picture about 18". I use the close up mode of the camera and play with the light. Natural light is the best.

Once the picture is shot I use photoshop to crop it and drop the remainder down to 700p wide so it will fit everone's screen.

No optics are changed in photoshop, what you see it what it lookes like for real.

Hope this helps.

Dry Flies catch Steelhead!



Creating memories one cast at a time

I received one of your Jack Practitioner kits and tied up a few last night. Thanks for putting these kits together. Very nicely done. Can't wait to try them out.

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