First fly rod fish

I believe my first was on a coatchman also, twenty years ago almost exactly. I wonder why I never use or tie those flies anymore? I haven't put a coatchman on in a decade or better.
Nice work. I remember my first. Little cutt on an X caddis. I think I was as surprised as the fish.
Sounds like my first fish. I was running a #18 BWO with zero nymphing experience, just dry. Suddenly, a pause. "Ahh $hit another snag." So after what seemed like an eternity, I start ripping, reeling and cursing in anger, when I finally notice my line migrating all over the river LOL. 14" brown that felt like a boulder.


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I caught my first fish on a fly rod today. Stopped at the Mckenna Park on the way home to try my luck. Missed the first few hits, but got it on the 3rd or 4th one. Little rainbow maybe? Didn't really stop to inspect it to much. It was just about 6-8 inches on a western coachman.

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Congratulations. You are now my Official Personal Hero. Tell me more about this magic lake. Tell me more about this beautiful fish. Does she have a sister? My lakes have no fish in them. Neither does Puget
Sound. I weep with joy at your accomplishment. Don't be to impressed with that; I just returned from my usual lake and was weeping anyway.


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My first fish on a fly rod was a bass. I was already a bass fisherman. And the fish was small(ish). So the fish itself was not that exciting. But the method of presentation and the reasons it worked were immediately clear to me. I was hooked then. But my first TROUT on the fly rod was definitely the clincher.

I went to work searching for trout. Bass were plentiful in reservoirs where I lived, in the city, trout were a fish that USE TO live in the creeks and streams. But trout were ideally suited to my new fishing style! I found them alright. In overlooked creeks and riparian areas on watersheds. More than I would have thought and my life has never been the same.

There's just something about being able to step into the water, turn over a couple of rocks to look at the bugs, choose the right fly and then read that water for where a fish would want to be. Then you cast. And it works!!! And suddenly your ONE with the whole thing. It hardly matters that the fish was only eight inches long. The size of that fish was only one small part of the whole story that unfolded. And it's so pretty that you wonder how anyone could judge a fish by it's size. So you let it go. And return to catch it again as soon as you can.
My first was 22" inch rainbow on the San Juan river. Few fish since have rivaled that one. But it was a good kick start to the obsession. Congrats, Buddy, welcome to a lifetime of fun, learning, frustration, and triumph!

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I can't remember my first fly rod fish. I've been doing the thing called fly fishing off and on for over 50 years. But I remember when I bought my first fly rod. It was at a White Front store in Seattle. Boy, that was one hell of a long time ago.
Thanks for the positive reinforcement everyone, think I will need to invest in waders though. Kept running into trouble with the high grass along the bank. Anyone used the Cabela's breathable waders? They look to be on sale right now and the only money I have are Cabela's points :eek:
Jason, Cabela's waders will work just fine...!! Congrats! Just remember, there is no "destination" with fly fishing... just a long, long, but usually enjoyable, journey!

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