Question for pike fly fishers

What knot do you like for tying wire bite tippit to a big streamer?
I've tried Palomar, Figure 8, a couple different loops, still looking for one that will let the fly track well.
What's your go-to wire knot?
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I've had better luck just using 20 lb mono. It is rarely bitten off. Even if the fish really inhales the fly, the mono will almost always exit between the teeth. Plus, it's a hellofalot easier to tie and cast.


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Figure 8 for braided wire and single strand titanium, or a haywire twist for regular single strand. I agree that you get more strikes with heavy mono, but I've also been bitten off with it. My personal best pike was an accident caught on straight 20# with no bite tippet while targeting lake trout, but I generally fish pike with single strand titanium because it doesn't kink like steel.


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In general, where does one do some pike fishing in WA?

The Pend Oreille River was basically the only reliable place to target them, but it's been heavily netted by the state and tribe over the past couple of years. From what I understand, it's not really worth it to specifically go after pike there anymore. There are still some strays there and in the Spokane River system, but not in significant numbers.

This one was caught from shore on a Dahlberg Diver just below the bridge at Usk two summers ago:

Not sure I would go targeting Pike with 20lb mono.

I too stay away from wire tippet and just go with mono or fluoro, however Pike are not at all leader/line shy so I generally go with 30 or 40lb fluoro, and a non-slip loop at the fly end. I have had bite-offs even with 30/40lb on there, though only a few, and enough that I can live without using wire. I imagine the % of biteoffs would be much greater with 20lb. It's pretty impressive when they slice right through 40lb fluoro. One thing that helps is to strip faster than you'd think - not only do most Pike generally like this, it also increases the odds that the hook will set in the outer reaches of the mouth, lessening tippet abrasions.

I used to fish for Pike a lot on the east coast, now I'm relegated to ~10 days a year with my old man in northwest Ontario (smallies and walleye and the odd musky as well). Caught Northern of 34, 35, 36, and 41" with 30lb tippet this year.
i second the recommendation on the titanium wire. It is much more expensive, true, but it last longer than the equivalent amount of money's worth of steel wire because it doesn't kink. As for knots, any loop knot, or often, i will just double the wire to form a loop, heat the plastic coating of the wire with a lighter until it melts, then as it cools let it fuse back together to making a solid connection.


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Agreed on the mono. Rio Toothy Critter is good, but can kink something awful. I did get some knot table wire from PFF for my trip to Sasasskatchewan, but losing the occasional fly is worth using the heavy mono instead. I actually sent a few email's back and forth to Barry Reynolds.....the Northern Pike authority and he was very nice and flowing with info.

I have his book if you would like to borrow it. I can send it you. Let me know.

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