Thinning Head Cement

I recently bought a bottle of Dave's flexament and it is the consistency of honey. I feel that I have more control if it were alot thinner. I went back to the fly shop and bought some thinner. My question is what ratio of cement to thinner do you recommend?


Scott Behn

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I personally have never used Dave's Flexament for head cement. I have used it primarily for coating my turkey wings and the like. I did at one point put some thinner in it that I bought from a fly shop and just added a little at a time till I liked the thickness of the cement, but other then that I would use a thinner head cement then Dave's. I use hard as nails for all my tying. Love it.

I have thinned some before and I was shocked at how little thinner it took to thin the cement. My suggestions is start with a VERY little and add until you like the consistency.
You can thin Flex cement in fact you can buy a thinner made by the same company, comes in the same size jar, or go to your local Home Depot and buy a can of paint thinner. Use an eye dropper and use a little at a time. I thin most of my head cement so it soaks into a thread head. I am using Hard as Hull and really like it. Yes i do keep it fairly thin.
I usually start with around 1/3 thinner 2/3 Dave's and find it works fine. It thickens up quickly. I add a little thinner every week or so.


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