FYI - Re Titlow Beach rules


Topwater and tying.
Don't know if anyone has looked closely at the conservation rules for Titlow Beach from TOA all the way south, but if someone comes up and asks you what you're fishing for, say SALMON. That's the only permitted fishery in that area. "Trout" (SRC, Steelhead) are specifically prohibited. Doesn't make much sense, since at least SRCs are C&R anyway, but there you go. That's the WDFW for you.:confused:

Can everybody say "bycatch"?:rolleyes:

By the way, since it's in the same area, Narrows Brewing has opened their tasting room right next to Boathouse 19. I tried all 5 they have available on a tasting tray and there wasn't one that was bad. Some, like the Belgian, weren't really in my taste wheelhouse, but even that one I would consider again.
Have to agree. Some of the rules the WDFW make are confusing. I think
( can't believe I'm going to type this) If they decide to make a Marine Preserve, they should close it to ALL fishing. Why? Because people would go fishing there for species that are closed and just say they are "fishing for salmon":confused:
Hmmm golden gardens (shilshole) and carkeek park are listed as reserves so by Jeff Bandy we should close them to fishing too? so if that was the case now where do we fish ? that area of puget sound is already over regulated seemingly as an example the shilshole bay salmon restriction now in effect till sept 1st I believe if you are a "bankie" you cannot fish for salmon between west point and meadow point but the boaters can fish for almon in the ame area outside of the buoy markers why is this? a gamie there confirmed the above but yet had no answer for me on the restriction ,still waiting for an anwer from f&g on this I went home skunked for keepers on bottom fish but released many rock fish and small ling still a good day Jeff please note I did not write this to offend you thanx smitty:D
Smitty, totally agree. Just saying. I know of a few places where the rules are made to protect a resource then loopholes make them worthless. Ex; Allowing bait where C&R is required for wild fish.


Topwater and tying.
My point (and tone) was to not let your tongue buy you a ticket. Most of the fish I've seen down there, and all of the fish I've caught, have been rezzies. That being said, the equipment, flies and location are the same whether your catch is rezzies or SRCs. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you could be in trouble.

Jeff, I agree with you that if they're going to pick nits to this level in these marine preserves, they ought to just shut it down completely.

The point of the post was to bring up and clarify something that I found in the rules that others may not have discovered.