Cowlitz River Trip Report

Hi I fished the Cowlitz river today had a good time, and great action for trout no stealhead love tho. I ended up catching one Cutthroat and a couple rainbows the pictures are of the cutthroat had a great day out. Ohhh and did i mention i caught all of them on a Elk hair caddis did not know that would work on that river just took a chance.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Been a while since I fished there, but I fished under the surface using a 6 wt clear intermediate type 2 sinktip and a 6 wt rod. We were floating from Blue Crk to Mission. We were targeting cutthroat and hoping for the chance encounter with a hatchery steelhead.
Conehead Muddlers and other sculpin patterns work. Size 6 or 8.
So do soft hackles of various colors in sizes up to 8. A dark rootbeer colored beadhead soft hackle has drawn strikes.
Reversed Spiders in various colors work there at times.
We also noticed a few hatches going off in the afternoon. There were what looked like midges, and some kind of small mayflies, but we didn't fish the hatches. We just kept swinging the seams and stripping 'em back in thru the softer water, or casting and stripping in the slower side channels.