Streamer Fly length


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I suspect that the upper limit for fishable size is somewhere in the size range of a herring (4-8") and I've caught coho from the beach on clousers nearly 4" long, but a fly that large is not fun to cast. Try ~2-3" total length with a sz 1 to 2/0 trailer hook.
I tie up a variety of lengths from about 1.5-3". The little ones can always be used for SRC's. I also tie almost all of mine with trailing/stinger hooks now. Might just be my imagination but I seem to have better hookups with them.


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Mine usually end up in the 2-4" range with most around 3" probably. Clousers with stingers or lately tube flies with a cone but the same material and colors as my clousers. I am finding the cone flies cast much better than a clouser and a tube fly with a cone is easier and faster than a clouser with a stinger. I don't think they fish quite as jiggy though. Might need some heavier cones.


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they go for the head so unless your getting alot of short stirkes it doesnt matter other than matching the size of the bait fish that are around


this fly has been very effective on both Sea Runs and Salmon


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If you look at the streamers people are using to catch a 20" brown, it's easy to imagine a salmon twice (or more) the weight has no problem eating the larger sizes.