Pom Fly Questions


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Hi All,

It is time to start thinking about tying for Fall steelhead. I was thinking of adding a few Pom Flies to the box and start skating for those elusive rascals. I found a recipe for the Pom fly but it didn't include tying instructions. The recipe called for wrapping crystal flash on the tying thread to prevent cutting foam. I was wondering about the durability crystal wrapped thread and wondered if any cement was added? Second it looks from the pictures that deer hair is added to the front part of the fly. Is it tied on as a bundle under the hook? Thanks in advance.

Big E

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Never tied one but from looking at pictures I wouldn't worry about wrapping crystal flash around the thread. There is crystal flash for the tail and if you wanted to go one step further you could check out Iridescent Veevus Thread for the wraps to secure the foam.

The deer hair will be added after the body is done. Twist the hair a few times, wrap in half around your thread, and then stack where you want it (each side).