SBS Guaranteed (Variant) SBS

This fly is strikingly similar to the Goats toe i posted the other day and was linked in that thread. So i though i'd tie some up. I know nothing about the pattern, except that i looks deadly!

This is variant as i used some different materials and did two hackle versions.

Couple photos are burry, but you'll get the general idea!


Materials (Materials for the original fly are in parentheses)
Thread: Orange, then black.
Hook: Heavy wet fly hook of choice, size 8 (Size 8 or 10 1xl nymph hook)
Tail: Pintail, (Widgeon or teal fibers)
Egg Sac: Orange floss, coated with UV resin (Original called for the floss to be dipped in acetone when wrapped on the hook.
Body: Peacock Ice Dub (Peacock Herl)
Hackle: Peacock Blues (half stripped so the hackle is sparse)


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