Fly Fishing for Bass

I am headed to a lake somewhere in Eastern Washington (approx 3hrs from Seattle) and am going to try fly fishing for Bass. Has anyone done this before. I have picked up some flies but am wondering what kind of line I need? Do I need a sink tip, full sink? (intermediate?)

Any help would be great.


I've caught them on beadheads and woolly buggers with a floating line. I have just cast out and sort of pumped the fly back to myself while stripping in the slack. I've caught both small and large mouth using this technique. I know others have done well with poppers but I've never tried them. If you do any good, let me know.
I think that I might be able to help. Last week I moved to Yakima and I now live on a private Largemouth Bass lake. In fact, if you've eaten at Las Margaritas in Yakima, then you've been to my lake. The information I give should help with your trip for this weekend. Anyway, most every day I've been fishing for bass. I had one very good day on a size six black cone head bugger on intermediate line just stripping it back to me with a short erratic retrieve. However, last week I did take one on a medium sized deer hair popper. The take was on the drop. It was pretty sweet. The gurgling popping action of the popper or diver hasn't initiated strikes, at least not yet. The consensus in Central Washington is that the bass are beginning to get active right now, but catching them on topwater patterns is more of a thing for the summer when they are running in high gear.

I would suggest to fish below the surface and try to find shallow bays and their corresponding drop offs. Most takes will be in the shallow water right near the shore. Good luck!

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