Another Vise in the Cards?

Big E,
Considering the amount of tying you do and also that you do a lot of rotary tying, I would suggest that the J-Vice (in its present configuration) is not the vise for you.
Overall, it is a wonderful vise with absolutely great jaws. However, it has a design flaw in that the knurled wheel which controls the rotary tension also serves to position the shaft in the vise housing. So, if the wheel is loosened sufficiently for rotary tying, the tyer must remember to re-tighten the wheel (and there is a "sweet spot") after using the rotary function otherwise the shaft will wobble and bounce with each wrap of thread. Additionally, the rotary function is not as free wheeling as it could be. It needs to be on a bearing. The current design would benefit from the addition of a way of maintaining the shaft position in the housing independent of the rotary tension adjustment. It would also benefit from the incorporation of a bearing instead of the plastic? friction bushings used. I recall that my Renzetti Presentation 3000 (Renzetti's first, I think, from the 1970's) had these features.
I do like the J-Vice jaws. If I had it to do all over again, I would have purchased just the J-Vice jaws and built the rest of the vise myself.
Considering the obvious quality, appearance, and great jaws of the J-Vice, it is a shame that it wasn't taken a step further by the originator.
Be glad to give you a demonstration.
I have a dynaking that I really don't like. it wont hold a hook for crap. paid $200 for it and got ripped off. they sell for $400 new. if some sucker wants it for $200 come get it. it looks real nice. mikie w


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The DynaKing Barracuda (Barracuda Jr if you want to save a few dollars) is a terrific rotary vise with the hook indexing feature you are looking for. I bought my Barracuda the first year the hit the market, have tied around a million flies on it, and have never had a problem. If you are tying flies smaller than a #10, get a set of "midge jaws" with it and you will have no trouble at all holding hooks from #6 all the way down to #32 (if you really have a desire to tie something that minute) with zero hook slippage. The serrated jaws of DynaKing are wonderful, and if you tie larger hooks, the "standard jaws" with their two different hook pockets milled into the jaws are the bomb. Best $325.00 I spent on a tying tool.


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I waffled from vise to vise for several years until I got my Renzetti Apprentice. I meant to get it just as a traveling vise, but it does such a good job I've had no reason to get anything else.

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