Report Envy

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Donny, you're out of your element...
I gotta fess up about something. Every year, starting about now and drifting all the way into late October, reports start coming in on the salt pages that leave me both thrilled and despondent. The photos of the big fish start coming in, the excitement, the cries of "they're here" the early morning and late evening excursions and the general all around din and hubbub is just about unbearable when stuck at work and likely to be stuck at work through much of it. I guess the correct word for this is envy. Not only that there are subcategories of it. Boat envy, beach envy, tide envy, dawn patrol envy, reel hum envy, gear envy, stripping basket envy, Jesus even Spokane Street Bridge Envy will soon- or has- started.

Not to mention these cooler summer mornings are carrying the scents of tide all the way to Wallingfud, overpowering the lingering odors of Dicks (burger joint) and the smoked pig hut on 45th...Suggestions? Are there others similarly afflicted? I'd suggest a support group but that's just less time fishing...I think the root of it stems to childhood summers at the beach spent, well, fishing...Any body else experience this narcisstic self absorbed and ridiculous yet real emotion?

In its greatest perversion and the perhaps biggest disappointment is Ferry Line Envy/Despondancy whenyour vehicle is the last- to not board...when you actually have a shot at some beach time...
You need to go fishing!

Support group might be a close second though. Beers at Al's tavern perhaps--close out the bar then head straight to the beach (by taxi of course).

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
As far as the primo beach fishing up in the Salish Sea goes, I even feel that dang poison envy itchin me way out here on the coast!;)

Jeff Dodd

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Have you considered renting a beach cabin on Whidbey for the summer? Commute to work and then enjoy weekends and evenings on the island.

Maybe split the cabin with another family.

Then I will be asking for permission to fish your beach ha!

Ed Call

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Beaches surround me yet I cannot fish.
Friends invite me, alas I cannot fish.
Reports enliven me, so get out there and fish.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Damn, Jim, I assumed you were the one guy who had the Zen-like surfers skills of being immune to it all...
Well, I do, sort of...kinda...sometimes...maybe. As soon as I log off here, I'm slathering on some makeup and going surfing, since I'l be heading up to Coldwater tomorrow morning. Its just that all these reports I keep reading here and the pics that go along with 'em are just so dang distracting, that its hard to maintain my lazer-like focus.:rolleyes:

Ohhh sh*t! I said "coldwater.":eek: And my wetsuit has a leak.