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I'm heading out on a trip with my brother (our annual trip together), and need a couple dozen or so flies that I don't tie myself.

I've checked out this site's sponsors, but I am not finding what I want. I'm a big fan of supporting pro shops, but I don't want (can't afford) to pend $3 or so per fly, when I may need a couple dozen.

What are some online sites that you would recommend for flies?




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"justjoenow36" on ebay has amazing flies. I got 3 dozen ehcs for $16 and they look just like orvis flies.
Awesome! Thanks guys.

BTW Stonefish, I tried Hills and they didn't have exactly what I wanted. I'm picky when it comes to my hopper patterns.
Oh, also...

Does anyone here know the name of that hopper pattern that has the red hind legs? It's tied like a Dave's Hopper, (sort of) but has the red "jumper" legs.

Evan Virnoche

hills is kick ass, only had two flies fall apart ever on me and they were both spey freight trains of the same size


5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
I have purchased from justjoenow, they are quality flies as mentioned above.

The guy is incredibly nice. I bought 3 different orders for a total of 5 dozen. The shipping on each was like $1.90 or something so I didn't care too much but he wrote me a message immediately apologizing for not making it clear enough that I could have bundled the shipping.

He threw in an extra dozen yellow and olive stiumlators to "make up" for it. You just don't get nice guys like that on eBay very often. Not to mention these flies are great...put them right into my fly box with my orvis flies and I literally cannot tell them apart.

When I can't make it into a shop in the future this guy has 100% of my fly buying business from now on.
These cost a bit more than $3, but I like the 11" double articulated deceiver in the upper-right corner of this web page:

I use it for huge...well, OK, I don't really know where I'd use it. But it looks cool and someday I want to fish somewhere with predators that would eat something that big.

Grab a 10wt and a sinking line and go fish for lings. Some of the flies I use off the jetties are about that size. Although I'd go broke at $10/fly since I lose a few every time i go.

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