Dean River DIY


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I did it DIY last summer and am going again next month. It's only a little bit complicated. Stepwise it goes something like this:
1. enter the Dean River draw with a couple friends to get a date.
2. buy B.C. non-res license and steelhead license = $147.00
3. arrange flight in/out with W.C. Helicopters
4. buy 8 days classified waters license = $320
5. show up at WCH at your appointed time (extremely long 1-day drive, very comfortable 2-day drive. Know your total wt. before you get there; they will weigh you and ALL your gear.
6. enjoy the stunning flight in over 6,000' passes
7. make camp, inflate Watermaster or whatever.
8. It's a short float, only 20 or 22 mi., so take your time, camp 2 nights/spot approx.
9. pack up your gear for flight out at head of old Motel run at top of lower canyon, and cry, because you'll miss it.
10. Expect some class III water; it was intimidating to me. Walk raft around 4 sharp corners with log jams on outside bends, etc.; it's wilderness; don't take unnecessary chances.
11. hang your food or bears will enjoy it and you will go hungry.
12. bury your poo; you're not the only group floating the river.
13. the lighter your load, the more Scotch and wine you can take.
14. I just tried Downtown Brown by Lost Coast Brewery; would love to have more.

I appreciate all the feedback on here and via PM I'm extremely wrapped up in work at the moment, but look forward to speaking with a few of you when I get some free time. Thanks!

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