Kitsap AM Report


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Hit a non-secret Kitsap beach that I had to myself from 5-7AM to fish the incoming tide. Looked very "fishy" despite no visible bait/jumpers.

Pretty much just followed the recipe that folks posted here - fished the rip with one of the unweighted baitfish patterns - like Stonefish posted not too long ago - on an intermediate line with strips and after 5-10 minutes I felt a *distinctly* non-sculpin/flounder type tug and brought in a nice chrome ~5lb coho to shore after a healthy series of jumps and a couple of runs. Had an adipose fin so back to the salt it went. A few casts later I felt something similar on the end of the line but this time it was a nice fat ~16-18" SRC. Back to back firsts!

What a morning - thanks to everyone that posted up all of the patterns and general know-how. I'm quite confident that it would have taken me 461.5 years to work out the techniques on my own.
Great reports guys, I think I might actually be able to get away from work for a couple days this week. Hopefully I'll run into you out there. I need a salt fix badly.

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