Icicle creek 7/25

Hit the upper icicle for a few hours lastnight, got to the creek around 6:30. Tied on a elk hair caddis and scrambled down the rocks to the creek. From 6:30 to sundown I was getting a strike every 4th cast or so. As soon as the sun went down the fish went crazy, would get 3 or 4 strikes every cast. Actually I got so many fish my elk hair caddis lost its elk hair and became just a caddis, this didn't matter the kept biting. By about 8 I had landed so many fish they had literally stripped my hook bare. The fish where so hungry they where actually striking the knot between my leader and tippet. In the hour and a half I was there I landed probably 25 fish 10 ldrs and hundreds of missed strikes. By the way I was using a 4wt tfo with 6x tippet.

I loaded this from my iPhone so I hope the picture shows up, this was one of many fish, probably around 6 inches, just shows how colorful they are, average on the night was probably 8 inches they got as small as six, and the biggest was just under 12.


Update... Last weekend I was fishing a beaver pond up off of the FS62 road off of the chiwawa river road, a area that I have traditionally only caught wild rainbows in... Not this time, saw my first brookie up there, not sure how he got there, the beaver pond feeds into the chiwawa river, which dumps into the wenatchee, I guess he could have been washed down from a lake... excpet the beaver pond is spring fed which makes me think he came up from some where?
Could have been washed down from Schaefer Lake then swam upstream. Schaefer drains into the Chiwawa and is damn full of Brookies. Some real nice, aggro ones up there though in the 12" - 14" range, totally worth the steep 5 mile hike.
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