Got drift boat building plans?

Hey Y'all- I am looking to build a drift boat over the winter with my nephew. Anyone know of any free plans online? OR, maybe someone out there has some kicking around they wouldn't mind copying or giving away?
Nice!! Thanks! I wouldn't mind $30-60. Seems like all that ones I found online were in the $200-300 range. Just a bit steep for me. Thanks again for the info!!


I have the plans for a Don Hill 17' Flyfisherman model. A bit more wood and a bit more work but it's a boat I'd rather have for the long term in comparison to any 16' DB.

Not going to give them away but willing to trade for a 6 pack of root beer or something of similar value.
You can get plans for FREE from Montana River Boats along with instructions. They also have a forum if you have questions along the way.
Check out the gallery pages, people have built some amazing boats.

I built the 14' Honky Dory 13 years ago and it's been an awesome boat. The wood and fiberglass construction is very nice to row but working with epoxy resin and fiberglass may not be for everyone. No ribs on the interior, very light and pretty stiff. If I were to build another boat I would use the exact same plan without a doubt. I liked working with the epoxy resin but sanding the material is awful stuff. Buy the full tyvek painters suit, respirator and goggles.

When I was young, broke and had time on my hands this was the perfect way to get a boat. Now that I am older, have a career and a family I would buy a used boat and save the time.

Good luck!


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I'll second the montana riverboat plans for the Honky Dory...great boat. I built one about 4 or 5 years ago. The forum on the website is a great resource as well. I thought working with the fiberglass and epoxy was more intimidating than it actually was as I had never worked with it before.

Joshw - great looking boat. I really like you kept the interior natural wood. I built my Honky Dory in 4-5 weeks when I was 19 so I would say the craft is less than ideal ;)

I used the boat for 3 years in Bozeman while wrapping up college, would love to get back someday.

I hope to make new seats for the boat this winter and I would love to integrate some kind of cooler for over night trips.


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I think I remember seeing your boat on Sandy's website. If that's the one it was sure a lot nicer than the boat I had in when I was going to school in Bozeman! We had an old framed boat that we picked up for $200.00 with a trailer that was older than dirt and leaked like sieve...but it caught fish and got us down the river.

I was thinking about a built-in cooler idea when I was building it and was thinking of somehow building the front seat into a cooler using plasacore and insulation foam wrapped in fiberglass but that was about where my idea ended. Instead I built it to hold my portable grill and a couple of propane bottles for a nice streamside lunch.