Seven nice river smallmouth this evening


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With temps down almost 15 degrees from earlier in the week it seemed like a good opportunity to hit the river. I parked and walked upstream about 20 minutes through the boulder field to some good looking water I hadn't fished yet this year. The 3rd cast yielded a fine 12'' smallie on a crawdad imitation. I tried using a Type IV full sink to get the fly down quicker but the river is so rocky it was just futile. I would have been better off just taking a dozen flies out of my box and throwing them in the water then string up a different line. I put on a floating line with an intermediate sink ghost tip and cut my fly losses more than in half.

Most of the fish were bigger this time out and gave a good account of themselves in the heavy current. Biggest fish of the night was a 16" fish that I thought sure was 5# when I hooked it. I was wading out as far as possible then making hero cast beyond a current tongue to reach the deeper water. The fish put the current to work and stripped a healthy amount of line off in strong downstream surge. It was only about 2 1/2# but it put a hell of a bend in my 5wt. I took several other nice fish 12'' or over on rust colored rubber leg patterns.

It never occured to me before tonight that a spey rod might not be a bad idea on this river. The section I fish is about 150 yards wide and fishing weighted nymphs and rubber legs pretty much limits fishing to the first 40 feet or so. Being a tailwater the level goes up and down constantly and I am getting the sense that the bigger fish stay out in the deeper water where they are not so much affected by the day to day yo-yoing of the water level. Just wondering if anyone is using a spey rod for smallmouth on big water. It seems to make sense with so many big trout in the river also.

It was another good outing and I only saw one other guy on the river. I visited with him right at dark and he said he had caught 2 sticks and a small bass on gear. He needed rubber legs-they were hot.


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I have abandoned my single handers unless it is a small stream or I am fishing on the move from a boat. If I am streamer fishing I use my 4wt echo switch and love it. two handers are just so dam fun and taking fish on the swing is even more fun
So what river was this and which rock were you standing on.
I've got to drive for miles and miles to find good smallie water, then still can't catch any.

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