New To Vancouver, wanna do some fly fishing...

Hey guys, im new to vancouver and to this forum... found it online while googling places to fly fish earlier today. Know i had to make a account:)..
Anyways, i come from northern montana, and there i have fishing mostly spinning.. well right before i moved away, i started getting into fly fishing. So Bought myself some ok gear to start and see if i like it. I LOVE it!
Enough talking about myself, but i will be buying some new gear and getting licensed in washington this week, i was wondering where do i go? I've only been here a couple months, so have not really searched around yet.
is there some books, magazines, threads about places in this area? I like more of the streams and rivers kinda fishing.
(I went to lackamas lake here, and after the damn and the water falls i want to give that place a try. A buddy of mine spin fishes it and says has some nice brookies in there, what do you guys think that being the first place i try over here? or have any better places?)
BTW: if anyone has any GOOD deals locally on some gear as in a rod(4 piece, 6WT, reel 6 WT, waders, vest, etc.. PM me i might be interested. Used is ok also, as long as in good condition.

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Welcome to the best Fly Fishing site around in the lower 48.

You really didn't say from where you are at. There are two Vancouver's in the area of the upper NW corner of the USA.

If you hadn't said you fished Lacamas Lake, I wouldn't know where you were coming from.

Since you were once living in Montana you will probably be disappointed in the lack of trout fishing.


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I just got my license a few days ago, and ill be picking up a rod tomorrow morning. So im excited. Cant wait to get out there, and try to catch something!
sorry for not making it clear earlier, but im from vancouver, wa. orchards area.
Never caught any brookies below the dam. With the warm weather, there proly isnt enough water to keep anything in that little trickle.
Check out Kress lake near Kalama. It is a put n take lake, but you can get a bend in your rod.
Goose is a nice lake as well.


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I will definitely give that a try. Thank you guys so much.
Well I do have a question.. That I'm unsure off. I was taught a 5wt reel put 5wt line. A 8wt reel put 8wt line on. Could you do 8wt reel and put 5wt line?? It came up earlier today and I'm unsure.


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Then good. Because I just picked this up, I still think the reel is a little to big might downsize to a smaller one. But I think it evens the weight out a little better in my opinion with a little heavier reel. Time to load up some line! :)



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Over time you'll want to diversify your reels, but having a heavier reel won't have any major impact on your cast for fishing, especially starting out. All the competition casters use the lightest reel they can during distance competitions, as maximizing hand speed will give you that extra little bit. Anglers tend to be more worried about how the reel balances the rod, but even then the impact is minimal.

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Dang! I was gonna say just go buy a Pfleuger el cheapo reel, but it looks like you have a taste for the high dollar stuff.
Just because a reel looks expensive doesn't mean it is. I've got two reels from Allen Fly Fishing that look like that reel shown. I got them both for a song. They are both good reels.

I can't spell for shit today and my trying sucks also.
Haha, it is the pflueger! It's the trion, but a big one! But I do plan on buying another reel in the future.. But for now I just wanna get fishing!!