lingcod down deep

I don't have school next wednsday the 15th so I am going to fish puget sound around the narrows bridge along the rocks by the railroad tracks maybe a bulkhead and a lingcod hole I mentioned before.I am going to use my type 5 sinking fly line and tie up some heavily weighted bunnyleeches and maybe a streamer pattern or to.I will let you know how I do.I was wondering if you had any other suggestions on where to try, if you don't want to tell every body you can e-mail me at [email protected]
lingcod down deep

keep it white and red, or white and green. never fished down there for those spieces so I couldnt help you in any spots, but fish the rocky habitat next to any mpa for success. Ben
lingcod down deep


You are my vote for the most interesting and useful posts on the WFF site. Thanks for sharing all the great information on PS saltwater fishing!