NFR Stroke sucks, you're not too young!

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You can't burn the candle at both ends. I'm glad you still have your motor skills. Keep up what you are doing and you will get better. Everyday that I'm still standing I knock on wood.

Good luck


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Well, here's my admission, I'm a pretty young guy only 43 years old.

Yesterday just after 7:20 pm I had a stroke.

I am reasonably fit, 5'10" 175 lbs. My cholesterol is normal, in the 90s. I have healthy BP and pulse, no sign of arrhythmia.

Weird right? Yes. I have no notable med history til I can say, "no, just a stroke!" when asked that.

It's hard to type, especially on my iPhone (which I could barely call my GF and 911 on yesterday). I have a bit of trouble talking unless I talk slow and deliberate. The stroke got my motor functions on right side. Yesterday I was hardly intelligible and my right hand was not capable of signing my name nearly close to right.

I am blessed that my thinking is still 100%. Thank God I'm ok.

My motor stuff will come back with practice. I will tie more married wing Parmachene Belle and watch trout munch on them!

Typing is hard, I'm making too many mistakes.

Last words: call 911 FAST!!! Don't screw around. Don't wait. Time is brain - and it's way too easy to take its simplest functions for granted.
sorry to hear it jim. but like everyone else has said, glad you are ok.


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I will certainly pray for healing and full recovery for you Jim. There's fish out there calling your name!

Greg Price

Love da little fishies

There is hope. I've seen a family member recover from both a heart attack and stroke. We ended up fly fishing rivers in Alaska for salmon within 2 years of the heart atack then stroke. Make no mistake, the stroke appeared to take more out of him than the heart attack, but he recovered well enough to fight hearty salmon on a single handed fly rod.

Glad you are still with us and hope you can regain your fly fishing/tying skills soon.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Whoa! I just got home and turned my computer on to find this shocker.
Hard to believe that the healthy and vigorous young dude with whom I recently fished just had a stroke.

Jim, I'm glad to hear that you were able to make those calls and get some help. This bad news has me in a state of shock. Your friend Jeff is right. You are one tough guy, and if anyone can pull off a clean recovery from such a thing, its you.

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Jim, thanks so much for sharing that. After experiencing Bell's at age 30, stroke was always the one that scared me but I had it pictured much later in life. I'd love to read more about your experience as you progress. I'm 45 and you certainly got my attention. Hoping all the best for you and your family...

Jim Speaker

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Thanks everyone, very much. Thank you for the prayers and for the thoughts. There are never too many prayers.

I'm going to be ok. I'm typing almost as well now, but maybe slower. My speech has been better without so much need to think about it.

I'll be fine. GF even being supportive of me going after Pinks in my boat this weekend. Is she kidding? I think she's serious.

People be warned to get help FAST - don't hesitate to call 911.

Again, thank you so much.


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Life has a funny way of throwing us a curve now an then. Glad to hear you are making a good and speedy recovery. Nice to have a hobby that will also aid in your therapy.
Hope you will be able to get on the water soon.

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