I cringe everytime i deliver here

Jerry Daschofsky

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They must serve some purpose, other than being mere handrails.

I note that the rubber oar stoppers might deter a drunken guest from attempting to perform a "banister slide" when leaving the party.
If the drunken joyrider actually makes it past the "bannister-slider stoppers," then the oar blades will provide a wider surface on the lower section, and keep him/her on track toward the sidewalk, where hopefully the joyrider will land on his/her feet and keep going...:p
Nope, they were installed as handrails. Hard to tell from the pic, but those are at the adult height. The lower "cheap" oars are at child height.

Just odd to see a nice new set of oars used this way. This is the guest house that sits over the garage. The house down below is a nice waterfront home overlooking the sound.


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Are those 8 1/2'? My first set came UPS to my townhouse a few years back, but weren't there when I got home. Insurance covered most of it, but I had the replacements delivered to my office. I figured, who would steal a long triangle-shaped box?


If someone knew how much those were worth there's no way they'd drill them into hand rails. I bet those are your oars or someone elses.


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He obviously didn't order the Sawyers from a well know seller of water craft.
If the homeowner had, his steps would likely never have railings.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Not sure if I said this. But it's a guest house and those aren't technically "Christmas lights". They're party lights used as runners for the house so people can find their way to the front door (probably after drinking too much lol). I know, they're Christmas lights, but deliver a LOT of these so called "party lights" lately. Think they charge twice as much for them too.

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