Busy weekends in Italy.

I'd posted this short report on the Classic Rod Forum, thought I might as well share it here.


I had a 4 weekends in a row doing family-oriented outdoor stuff that happily also allowed me to swing a stick while standing in water. Here are a few photos of the goings-on.

Somewhere in Central Italy

Loads of chub, this 17-incher was a typical dry-fly taker (#16 EHC), the bigger ones refused to rise

Speckled dace were also present, although the heat left them almost comatose

Nearer Rome

Plenty of these on a #12 foam hopper

and these (Rudd)

Tools of the trade

Last weekend was spent in the Italian Alps

Heading up the trail at 6,500ft, with Mt. Rosa (the second highest peak in the Alps at 15,200ft) in the background

Baby M getting her feet wet in an alpine stream

Thanks for looking,

Rob Ast

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Always enjoy seeing pics from unusual places. Is the speckled Dave just another name for a brown trout, because that sure looks like a brownie to me?
Thanks for the kind remarks, guys.

Rob, that's a brown trout, calling them "speckled dace" is kinda like an in-joke, apparently folks from Wyoming claim that there are no trout in their state, only "speckled dace", the better to keep outsiders away from the great fishing Wyoming-ers enjoy ;).