Coho in the salt

Cole L

Fish Fiend
What is the basic coho rig? I've got an 8wt with a floating line as well as a type IV sink tip. My real question is, what flies should I use and where should I fish for them in the MA 9/MA 7?
I think most people throw a 8 weight with an intermediate shooting head type line (Outbound Short or SA Streamer Express) and 10-12 leader. Baitfish patterns seem to be the norm. I got a small hatchtard on a pink craft fur clousers last week.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
start by reading page one in the saltwater forum, if you can locate it. thats the first challenge. Then move on to page two, ect.I believe most of what you will find is clousers, in a variety of color and flash. If youre a jedi then try the miyawaki popper
Intermediate tip. Chartreuse over pink clouser. Fast strip.

That's what seems to work for me.

I doubt anyone will tell you what beaches to fish aside from the most popular ones.

People really need to stop and think before clicking that post button. Christ.

I don't think that spot is a big secret and there is over a mile of beach that all fishes equally well. You can fish with the crowds if that is your thing or walk down the beach and be in complete solitude. No one spot is better than the next there and I got the pics to prove it. :)

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