NFR WFF Fantasy Football 2013


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I was looking to find a set in stone day for the draft pick and are we doing flies? money?
Can't set a date in stone until we fill the league up and agree upon it. Trying to fill the last slot(s) ASAP so we can get that settled.

Last year we did both flies and money. This year we can do whatever, again it up to the guys in the league. At the very least we can do side bets among those of us who want to play for $$ (the highest finisher of those who paid wins) if not everyone is on board with playing for some $$.
I'm up for whatever. I wish there was a way to trade local fly shop hats or something. That would be cool to have a non-local t shirt or hat or fishing shirt or something...


How bout this! bout we all agree on an online reputable fly shop and winner/whatever places (1st, 2nd, 3rd?) and we agree on a gift card amount so winner gets set amount gift cards for agreed upon online flyshop?

Does that make sense? So if everyone antes like $30 bucks by purchasing a store $30 gift card and mail it to golfman44, and we get 10 total guys in the league, that's $300 in online store credit. Prizes are 1st = $180 (6 of the cards), 2nd $90 (3 of the cards), 3rd $30 (they get their credit back basically). That way it's defined, all cards purchased and turned in, cards mailed to winners end of season. No debates, buy your own crap. whatever you want from the online store we agree upon...I'm not sure what is the best store.

Just an idea.

;) I can always use some new gear lol!
I likey. Only question...flies of our choice? Flies we made (lol you don't want the ones I make trust me)?

Some flies I have cost 39cts, some cost 3.50...

I love the flies idea, just not sure how to make sure everyone get;s a decent prize?


5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
Alright gents I think we have room for 1-3 more people to join.

As far as prizes and stuff let's keep those discussions to the league page on espn so we don't spam this forum haha.
golfman looks like you and me in the final! lol! I had two good weeks to get there. You had a close game!

*prizes* sweet.

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