Ratfish On The Fly


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I think chimaera are gorgeous fish! Saw one tossed up on the bank a couple days ago, got a little bit angry. :mad:
It's really cool that you got one on a fly, though, congrats on that! Wasn't sure if that could be done.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Thanks for posting the pic! I caught one on a jig in the early 80's off the west shore of Bainbridge Is. I didn't bring it aboard my yak, though. Just unhooked it and let it go. Never got a really good look at it, but it sure didn't look like something that I'd want to bonk and eat.


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Chimeras are some of the oldest fishes around (from an evolutionary standpoint). Don't quote me, but I think the lineage goes back 100 million years???? Very cool that you caught one on a fly.


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I think that's rad. Always fun to catch something new/unique. Every fish has it's place. Wild color and translucency on that fish.

Not many people have done that!