WTB Looking for a 7/8 Reel

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Hey I'm looking for a 7/8 reel,

hopefully in the neighborhood of a Ross Evo generation 1 or Ross evolution generation 2. I am open to other good condition reels too so send me some PMs if you have one for sale. Thanks.
How about an Orvis DXR 7/8 and spare spool built for them by Ross?


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I have a bluish gray Ross Evolution 3.5 reel that I would consider parting with for the right offer. And an Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor IV as well. Both I use with my 8wt set-up. PM me if interested.


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Perhaps not as fancy as some of the other brands mentioned, but I have an Allen Alpha II 7/8 with spare spool in very good shape. Has held up great to salt with a quick rinse after each outing.
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