Give This Man Work!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I can offer Bob a hands-on basic class in fence building. Its already nearly done, and I can start him off with low-stress stuff like nailing the pickets onto the rails. Making sure that the pickets are lined up nice and "plumb" using my 4' contractors level, and properly spaced, should be stressful enough for starters. Only 75 pickets left to nail up. This should be enough to re-introduce Bob to some minor, low-level stress.:p I won't even charge him any "tuition!"

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Bob's alright I've met him and fished with him. He keeps telling me that he's coming to Montana to fish. But he hasn't made it here yet. Some day.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Damn, Bob Triggs has written a definitive article on doing nothing. He's without stress and he needs some like the rest of us!

Whoa! ... Did I read, " the rest of us."? Does that mean Leland is stressing out over his cigar maybe getting doused out whilst fly fishing?

Oh yeah, almost forgot to say, that Bob's blog entry is dang fine read.


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I am looking forward to fishing with Bob in September. I am trying to pick out the right cigar and single malt for my day of fishing for SRC. My casting abilities will also cause him some stress.

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Thanks Dr Bob. Have you considered offering gear acquisition therapy as a regular part of your guiding service? It may help to create an even more unique niche for your services. Maybe could be expanded into a week long camp sort of thing for the overstressed masses. I can see the small adds in the Wall Street Journal now.