Update on pinks please?

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Man, you have to grow some thicker skin. I don't apologize for my comment. If you can't take the heat stay the hell out of the kitchen. This is the internet you are going to get all kinds of comments from all kinds of people here.. Asking for fishing spots is and getting flack is one way of telling you to go look for them yourself.

We, all who fish here and have been fishing before you were even born have put in lots of time and effort to find out of the way places to fish and catch fish. All those hard earned places is something we don't give away freely. Your young, go explore yourself. You have lots of time ahead of you.


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I am laughing so hard right now about this post:

"I was at Langus Park today for a couple hours just to get rid of some sand shrimp I had left over. There was people all along the bank and a few on the dock and I didn't see 1 fish caught and neither had anyone else I asked. Except for 1 guy said he seen someone catch a silver earlier in the day. I wasn't even seeing more then a couple jumps the whole time I was there. I was fishing with Sand shrimp, Power Eggs and Marabou jig and I got nothing but grass on my line.."​
I can't tell if PatrickH is an amazing troll or unintentionally hilarous. If trolling, I like the touch in the signature line about using an Baitfeeder Ugly Stick.

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It's rough being old and out of the loop on Acronyms. I had to look up STFU. It wasn't very nice for that little shit to swear at me. I kept all my writing clean.

Oh hell, I better be nice or I could get my fingers slapped. I might swear on here but I never swear at somebody.
Found quite a few in the Skagit this morning. We started around 9am and I landed 5 or 6 in about the first hour. Then they went off the bite. Fish were still around, just not interested.


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Thank god, now I can sleep at night. It was good timing to that will probably be my last time out on the salt during the run I got stuck working in Oklahoma and Sweden the rest of the month :(
First time I've seen a valid reason for being upset about having to go to Sweden