Report: MA13 - Narrows 8/7


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Since I am up in Olympia a few days each week for work, tonight I decided to try out the beach in hopes of getting into some fish. Got to the Narrows about 5pm, there were around 8-10 gear guys and two fly guys. A third guy showed up about 6p making four of us flinging flies. There was also a couple of boats trolling back and forth. No grabs, nothing rolling and none of us saw any fish landed. I'm guessing the big pod headed for the Nisqually hasn't pushed down yet.

Maybe they will take their time since I have a business trip next week and a trout fishing trip to Fernie, BC the week after. Hopefully it will be in full swing when I get back up here towards end of August. :)


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You are about a week and a half late. There were a few around but the last 5 days have been bleak to say the least. Give it a while.
Two years ago, we did not really see the Nisqually pinks until Labor Day and the push of pinks seems to be later this year...I think you will still have a lot of chances!

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