FS Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon two person Drift Boat

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Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon two person Drift Boat. Has been used, but is still in good shape. Need to sell it because the family has grown and we need a boat that can hold 3. The frame shows a bit of wear because it has been stored outdoor a bit. Tubes have been stored inside and are in great shape. The frame setup on this boat is great and feels better to me than some of the others I have fished out of. The front seat swivels the rowers seat is at a comfortable height. Great boat if you want a drift boat but don't have tons of space.

A trolling motor can be added if you want to use it on lakes. I have used it to oar around and it works great, but have mainly used it to fish the Yakima and the Skykomish.

Boat comes with:
Rod Holders
Anchor and Rope
Tubes, frame and all the straps

I customized a flatbed trailer for it that I am willing to sell with if there is interest.
Boat only $1,650
Will sell boat and trailer for $1,800.

I priced it out at Cabela's and it totals almost $2,400 before tax and shipping.

From the website:

Two-person fishing boat has an aluminum frame and PVC pontoons. Its durable materials and design can withstand rugged river conditions. Remove the front frame module for a great one-person expedition raft.

The Fish Cat 13 is for you if:

- You need a stable, maneuverable 2 person fishing cataraft
- You prefer to fish on rivers with some rapids
- You plan on doing some overnight fishing trips
- You need some extra cargo room

Boat Specs
Inflated Size: 65" x 13'
Tube Diameter: 20"
Fabric: 1000 PVC/1000 PVC
Material Weight: 32/32 oz/sq. yd.
AireCell Material: Vinyl
Seam Construction: Sewn
Warranty: 5

Valve Type: 2-Summit
Weight: 170 lbs.
Load Capacity: 750 lbs.
Frame: 11-piece aluminum
Anchor System: Included
Motor Mount: Optional
Oar Type: 8' 2-piece



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This is what it looks like on the trailer. It's a 4x8 lightweight trailer and it tows really well.

Let me know if you need more photos.



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Looking for some feedback here. I have had some interested parties at $1,650 but no takers yet.

Anyone out there have a good feel on what a fair price should be?

I have been pretty firm so far, but wanted to get a feel from the population.
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