Amherst tail feathers

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Jerry Daschofsky

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I had a friend pickup some amherst tail feathers for me. Once I got them, found out that they were too small for the flies I tie. They have good color, feathers are about 5-6" long. A good selection for the fly tier. There are a total of 30 tail feathers. Most are in really good shape, some just need to be stroked out to put feathers back together (they were stuffed into the packages I believe). They're perfect for wings on trout flies. Just not long enough for making wings on my size 1/0-8 flies (well, almost big enough for size 8).

I am selling them for what I paid for them. I know the bigger feathers for salmon/steelhead go for more, but not sure about how much these small ones go for. So selling whole batch for $15 including shipping. Want to recoup what I paid for them, and prefer not to waste them.

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