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I've got a Sage 389-5 or T&T Horizon 486-4 that I will trade for a 690-3 or 790-3 RPLXI, There's even reels with the rods if you would have a set up to trade. One is a Lamson Lightspeed 1.5 and the other is a Lamson LP1.5 with an extra spool. both reels balance out nicely on both rods, so you pick the combo.
I have a 9'6" SP 8 weight that I would trade you...I am looking for a light backpack combo. I would do the Sage and Lamson for my rod.

Is this a good trade?
The Flyrod was sold to me by the rep last year. It is a sweet rod but I only used it last year and this year for summer steelheading. I have 2 other rods at the same level and a couple of spey rods. I bought it because it was a great deal. As far as the warranty, it is a Sage and I have never had a problem with getting a replacement, I have never bought a Sage brand new but have broken them at least 4 times.

I would also be willing to trade a fly order with the rod for incentive... I can tie anything. I don't have a reel to trade but I would love to have the Lamson LS1.5. Give me a call...


Lets wait and see what Derek comes back with. If he is after just the rod, maby we can figure out something on the reel?
A 5 pc. would be allright, but does the 907-5 have a spare tip like the 389-5?
What is the age and condition of the rod?
Does it have any warranty?
Is it just the rod, or is there a reel also? :HMMM
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