Floatant whats the best

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
So just wanting to see what ppl out there felt the best floatant on the market is right now for fry flies??? I have heard gink, lochsa, SA floatant. Its time to get some new stuff and wanted to see what ppl feel is the best. So tell me what you think


5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
Fly-agra works for me as long as you don't mind a small oil slick on the first time it hits water (I just drop it on the water real quick before my first cast).

Cheap as hell too


5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
It lasts a good bit of time, I never seem to have to reapply it unless I'm constantly swinging the fly thru riffles so it gets wet. Tie the fly on, dunk it in the bottle, remove it, air dry it for a second (I usually just false cast about 8 times to "dry" it off) and its good to go!

I got it as a gift, and im 90% sure the person who bought it for me got it at cabelas altho I COULD be wrong on that (he got me a fly vest filled with tippet, nippers, floatant, etc...everything cabelas brand except the floatant).

Greg Armstrong

This is an old time concoction with some history, and it works.
Mix some white gas with paraffin and keep it in a little bottle that you can dunk the fly in. False cast to dry your offering, and cast away.
Just stay away from the campfire with the stuff and you'll be cool...


I hope she likes whitefish
That new hydroponic spray looks interesting. Moldy chum posted a review on it a week or so ago.

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